Are you riding an ATV? UTV? RTV? Snowmobile? Motorcycle dirt bike? Do you really know about how to prevent accidents and injuries? Sometimes what you might consider simple is actually quite tricky and dangerous. That’s why it’s essential that you gain safety training that can absolutely save your life while preventing property damage and liability related to accidents that result in a court case.

This video shows you an example. Most riders either don’t think about dangers related to blind spots (remember they are “blind spots”). This includes blind spots created when an ATV operator / UTV rider backs up. So many small but critical factors add up to produce either safety or disaster. Gain off-highway vehicle Safety Training related to the characteristics of your machine, geography and climate variations. Read your Owner’s Manual.

To stay safe, you must be trained to perform and consistently practice proven, simple maneuvers. For more information from a Court-Qualified, Expert Witness, visit:

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Senior Instructor & Expert Witness – Bill Uhl

Mr. Uhl has successfully served as an Expert Witness and consultant for attorneys since 2004. In over 28 years of U.S. and International off-road professional competition, Bill Uhl has won truckloads of trophies in all types of long distance racing in some of the most rugged terrain around the world, including five gold medals for the U.S. during the International Six-Days Trials/Enduro (the Olympics of motorcycle racing).

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Senior Instructor,
Bill Uhl named to the International Motorcycle Hall of Fame Click here

Bill Uhl is designated as a "Preferred Off-Road Eductional Trainer" Click here.

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. . . is the key for turning at any speed.

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