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Snowmobile Beginner for
Corporate / Government Agency

Who is a Beginner?

Beginners have little or no snowmobiling experience.  They want to ride comfortably, but they first need to build their confidence and skills.

  • Would you like to improve employee safety?
  • Would you like your employees to be more efficient when snow conditions and terrain challenge their abilities?

About the Class

This class provides the basic skills and information your employees need so they can snowmobile safely and efficiently.  This training involves the perfect mixture of riding and classroom education that ensures your workers will be able to navigate weather conditions and terrain appropriate for beginning snowmobilers.

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Class Content

The major topics covered include:

  • Loading and unloading your machine
  • How to use the awesome power of the mind to ensure your safety and that of others.
  • What to do when you meet other snowmobilers on the trail.
  • Safety gear (what you need to wear and to carry on your body)
  • Equipment setup
    • Basic knowledge of your snowmobile – its features and potential problems
    • Ergonomics of handle bar positioning
    • Ergonomics of lever setup
    • Checking the oils
    • Cold weather starting
    • Safety gear to carry on the snowmobile
    • How to change spark plugs
    • Changing a drive belt
    • Learning the fuel range of your machine
    • Essential tool kit
  • Employees participate in a test of their skill levels.  (We need to know what they already know so that your agency will receive the maximum benefits from its investment in the course.)
  • Skill development
    • The physics of riding
    • Trail rules (rules of the road)
    • Starting and stopping safely
    • Steering
    • Balance
    • When and where to stop (Don’t get stuck!)
    • How to get “unstuck”
    • How and when to stand and kneel while riding
    • Transforming bad habits into positive patterns
    • Riding in powder snow or hard, crusted snow
    • Turning around in tight quarters
    • Traveling up and down hills
    • Turning corners (right and left)
    • How to tread lightly
  • Field trip on roads, into the forest, and on beginner trails in the open country

Classes will be tailored to your special needs.

For the cost of your corporate or government custom class, call or e-mail us for a quote.  See the Contact Us Now button for directions in the side menu.

You can register your employees for a one-day class. Longer classes are also available.

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Senior Instructor & Expert Witness – Bill Uhl

Mr. Uhl has successfully served as an Expert Witness and consultant for attorneys since 2004. In over 28 years of U.S. and International off-road professional competition, Bill Uhl has won truckloads of trophies in all types of long distance racing in some of the most rugged terrain around the world, including five gold medals for the U.S. during the International Six-Days Trials/Enduro (the Olympics of motorcycle racing).

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What’s New

Senior Instructor,
Bill Uhl named to the International Motorcycle Hall of Fame Click here

Bill Uhl is designated as a "Preferred Off-Road Eductional Trainer" Click here.

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