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OHV Training Testimonials

Praise for your Senior Instructor, Bill Uhl

All across America and over a wide variety of terrains, Bill Uhl has taught individuals of many different skill levels to safely enjoy his favorite sports in a wide variety of terrain.  His exceptional teaching ability and easy going instructional style have generated significant positive feedback.

Bill, because you won five gold medals in international competitions, those who train with you are fortunate enough to be trained by one of the world’s finest riders. Whether they are a beginner or a “double-expert,” whether they ride gorgeous single-track trails in high mountain terrain or motor through the desert, they’ll experience an adventure that will last a lifetime. They’ll stay safe while they challenge themselves to increase their skills and build their self-confidence. Employees who experience the school will look forward to the time they are required to ride on the job because riding will become fun instead of a chore. Of course, their employers will avoid unnecessary headaches and hassles as their safety and efficiency increase.

Clark Collins

Executive Director, Blue Ribbon Coalition

Thank you for taking the time to provide my staff and me with a great tour. I also appreciate having the benefit of your opinions.

Larry E. Craig

U. S. Senator


The class expanded my confidence and equipped me with skills to deal with emergency situations.”

Stacy Wellin

Soil Conservationist

This is my fourth or fifth ATV training over the years. It’s definitely the best and most useful. Thanks!”

Troy Hidy

The class was not taught as a typical ‘Here is the sled and its parts’. It was useful to figure out the trainees’ personality types and teach them how to ride their machines. This is the usefulness we need–to teach people how to ride, use their machine, their body, and get out of bad situations.

Jessie Fischer


Bill is very patient with his instruction. He stays calm and explains the process very well. He helped me better understand what I need to do to be safe using ATVs / UTVs.

Lorna Philp

District Conservationist

Best and most informative ATV class I’ve ever taken.

Travis Lemke

I wasn’t expecting such a good training. If we are required to do a training, this should be the one.

Alyson Chirstians

Range Management Specialist

I’ve been to many ATV training’s, both private sector and agency sponsored. Bill is the first instructor to really prepare students for difficult situations that will inevitably arise.

Clayton Marrer

Soil Conservation Technician

I gained from Bill’s focus on active-rider maneuvering, accessing real world challenges and solving problems we’ll likely encounter when riding trails and open range.

Matthew Whithed

District Conservationist

I most appreciated the interactive riding. Since this course is definitely more real world and situational regarding what we encounter, we can now handle many different situations.

Ole Berkram

District Conservationist

This is not a “parking lot training”. This is real life situational training which can really be used in the field.

Jason Saari

Soil Conservationist


I appreciate the ability to practice being an “active rider” after understanding the capability of the machine.

Jay Brooker


Bill is very good at assessing and meeting the needs of different employees.

Dezerae Lorash–Knoll


Bill Uhl was patient and flexible, not condescending at all even though it’s clear he has tons of knowledge.

Holly Taylor


Bill is a great asset and very knowledgeable. I gained from the practicality of the situations presented. Bill has a great background with every machine we used.

Nathan Matteson


This training reminded me of the importance of hands-on, active field training. Bill reaffirmed the human mind is the most important tool we have!

Anne M Stephens


Because of Bill’s training, our officers feel confident conquering their most dangerous riding conditions.

Debra Lutz

Training Coordinator, U. S. Border Patrol, Spokane, Washington

I have now taken both ATV and snowmobile training from Bill. He is very knowledgeable and boosted my confidence on the job tremendously.

Patrick Fitzgibbons

Field Engineer, T-Mobile

As a skilled rider, few can match Bill’s skills, acquired over the 40 years of riding (28 years as a professional competitor). As impressive as his riding skills are, what impresses me even more are his riding ethics. He’s the Good Will Ambassador for motorized trail riders. Bill has the perfect personality to be a good instructor. His knowledge of riding and trail management, coupled with his common sense teaching style, makes Bill an effective communicator and instructor.

Terry Sexton

District Ranger, Jefferson Ranger District, Montana

The class gave me a new level of confidence that will allow me to learn even more and faster in the future.

Jeff Flagg

Field Supervisor, T-Mobile

This class is priceless for sledding and outdoor survival. Great work!

Bill Lawrenson

T-Mobile Engineer

I enjoyed the entire class. The instructor made me feel very at ease and delivered valuable information and training. It’s awesome!

Crystal Ann Young

Associate RF Engineer, T-Mobile

The instructor answered all questions and thoroughly covered the subject matter. He also allowed ample time for hands-on exercises, which allowed people to become more at ease with the equipment and procedures. Safety is his first priority.

Steve J. Wheat

Field Engineer, T-Mobile

Bill has an amazing ability to teach people of all ages, ability levels, and both genders to discover their hidden talents while dramatically increasing their fun and safety.

Taylore Vance

Executive Director, Linda Perdue Enterprises

I enjoyed everything. It’s amazing how I felt more confident at the end of the day. It was great!

Rick Miller

U. S. Border Patrol Officer

Bill’s class is an enjoyable as it is informative. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the pace is comfortable. We were allowed to develop at our own pace and it was flexible in order to accommodate our needs.

Lon Postuilka

Senior Patrol Agent, U. S. Border Patrol, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805, lon.nik@verizon.net

Very well run. Very informative as to the do’s and don’ts. We were shown what the machine will do, along with safety information.

Bill Loftin

Senior Patrol Agent, U. S. Border Patrol, Billxyz123@hotmail.com

It was a great beginner’s course. I gained enough knowledge to be confident to go out and ride and develop my skills.The class was very enjoyable and informational. Knowledge passed on for survival as well as riding.

Gary Roman

SBPA, Second in Charge, U.S. Border Patrol snowmobile class, Spokane, Washington

The class is awesome!

Andy Hill

Field Tech, T-Mobile, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bill is a competent and patient instructor with excellent tips for machine operation as well as outdoor survival. An excellent use of our time.

Paul Gatling

T-Mobile Field Technician

This was an excellent use of our time at work.

Matthew Lammi

RF Engineer, T-Mobile, Clearfield, Utah


Bill’s prodigious knowledge of what “works” to keep a rider on his bike on a trail, combined with his uncanny ability to speak directly to you works in sync with his infectious enthusiasm and “no-push” style.   Some few people are born with an ability to teach.  Bill is one of them.  He has amassed a wealth of knowledge through analysis and personal experience which he unselfishly shares in a genuine win/win style.   I am recommending his course to all my friends….no matter what their level of ability.

Eric Newman

Prentice and I were very lucky to experience private instruction. Bill can help you with your problems on a trail. He can see your problem and help you figure out a way to help you improve.

Christie Fish

Santa Rosa, California

The OHV Training curriculum proved to be invaluable to us as we prepared to ride trails in several National Forests this summer. Bill Uhl has the unique ability to analyze the riding skills that enabled him to reach the top of his riding profession — and more importantly — articulate these nuggets of knowledge in ways that made the light bulbs go off in my mind. I can’t tell you how many times his “tricks of the trade” enabled me to successfuly navigate some unexpectedly tough terrain — I only wish I had been aware of these elements years ago when I was riding national enduros!

Lynn Camp

Investor Relations Manager, McDonald’s Corporation, Chicago, IL

You will be totally pleased with Bill Uhl’s training.  I personally watched him win some of his gold medals for the U.S. in international competitions.

Roi Halse

6-Days International Trials competitor , Previous Motorcycle and ATV shop owner

I would recommend this motorcycle training to anyone, with or without motorcycle experience.  It is a confidence builder, and the classroom view is spectacular.  Also, Bill was able to set my bike up so it was more comfortable for me to ride!

Pam Lombard

R.N., Plomb@earthlink.net

Excellent course and excellent coaching improved our riding abilities.  I greatly appreciated the skill training and the ride to put it all together.

Lawrence Boyler

M.D., E. R. Physician, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

OHV Training turned out to be truly “the gift of a lifetime” from my wife. Barely a week after my training, I was able to get through a very difficult situation on a trail in Colorado thanks in large part to things I learned in my class.

James Camp

Construction Manager, CAMPCO

Thank you for the excellent training that you provided. The day was outstanding. The training course was well thought out and tailored to those being instructed. It fit our abilities to a tee. You are an excellent trainer who knows his materials and who is very good at communicating the elements of why certain techniques work well. You were able to evaluate my bad habits quickly and make suggestion for improvement without making me feel totally inept. Atlanta is a great place to ride an thanks for sharing some of your secret trails. Let me know if you ever want a “city boy” for a riding partner, I would love to join you.

John Hynes

Bill is extremely knowledgeable and caters his class to the skill levels of the students.

Michael P. Middleton

Wildlife Biologist, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

Bill was very hands-on and helped us really learn basic skills.

Michael A. John

Field Monitor, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

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Senior Instructor & Expert Witness – Bill Uhl

Mr. Uhl has successfully served as an Expert Witness and consultant for attorneys since 2004. In over 28 years of U.S. and International off-road professional competition, Bill Uhl has won truckloads of trophies in all types of long distance racing in some of the most rugged terrain around the world, including five gold medals for the U.S. during the International Six-Days Trials/Enduro (the Olympics of motorcycle racing).

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Senior Instructor,
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