Expert Witness / Bill Uhl

ATVs, Snowmobiles, UTV’s, Motorcycle Dirt Bikes, Quads, 4-wheelers, Side-by Sides, and Dual Sport Motorcycles

Do you need an expert witness or consultant regarding any of the following?

  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents
  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with motorcycle dirt bike accidents
  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with snowmobile accidents
  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with utility vehicle, UTV’s & side-by-side vehicle accidents
  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with Dual Sport Motorcycles
  • Standard of care associated with all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs), motorcycle dirt bikes, snowmobiles, utility vehicles, UTVs, side-by-side vehicles, and dual sport motorcycles
  • Human factors
  • OHV competition
  • Riding skills–motorcycle dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs / side-by-sides or dual sport motorcycles
  • Safety skills
  • Related accidents or injuries
  • Multiple use trail design, construction, & maintenance
  • Accident reconstruction
  • International race competition
  • Employee training–safe & efficient operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, motorcycle dirt bikes, utility vehicles, UTVs, side-by-side vehicles and dual sport motorcycles on the job.

Senior instructor and expert witness, Bill Uhl, has been using and training others to ride OHVs for over 50 years.  He has been designing, building, and maintaining multiple-use trails (for motorcycle dirt bikes, hiking, bicycles, horses, and llamas) for 18 years. Uhl was an international race competitor for over 28 years and won 5 gold medals for the U.S.  He is the Senior Instructor at OHV Training for OHV rider safety and skill development.  As an expert witness or consultant, Uhl provides the benefit of many years of practical experience and the unique ability to think outside, as well as inside of the box!

Mr. Uhl has been qualified in State and Federal courts across the U.S.

He was also inducted into the American Motorcyclists Association International Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Mr. Uhl has completed over 70 cases in which he was retained by counsel for both plaintiffs and defense, with a split of about 2/3 to 1/3, plaintiffs to defendants. While serving as an expert he has been qualified in courts across the U.S.

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Senior Instructor & Expert Witness – Bill Uhl

Mr. Uhl has successfully served as an Expert Witness and consultant for attorneys since 2004. In over 28 years of U.S. and International off-road professional competition, Bill Uhl has won truckloads of trophies in all types of long distance racing in some of the most rugged terrain around the world, including five gold medals for the U.S. during the International Six-Days Trials/Enduro (the Olympics of motorcycle racing).

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Senior Instructor,
Bill Uhl named to the International Motorcycle Hall of Fame Click here

Bill Uhl is designated as a "Preferred Off-Road Eductional Trainer" Click here.

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