An ATV and UTV Safety Training Instructor who is a Court Qualified Expert Witness Explains Difference Between the Two Vehicles

An ATV and UTV expert witness who is court qualified can explain the desired and the undesired characteristics that have been designed into these two vehicles. These variables significantly affect operator safety. As an operator travels down the trail or cross-country (where that is allowed), it is vitally important to know the size of the vehicle and its turning radius. Without such knowledge, the operator would not know how to approach objects they discover during their journey where they would need to fit between things while riding on the trail. Operators must know at first glance whether or not they can fit between, for example, two trees or rocks without having to stop and get out or off of their vehicle with a ruler and measure the space available before proceeding.

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Senior Instructor & Expert Witness – Bill Uhl

Mr. Uhl has successfully served as an Expert Witness and consultant for attorneys since 2004. In over 28 years of U.S. and International off-road professional competition, Bill Uhl has won truckloads of trophies in all types of long distance racing in some of the most rugged terrain around the world, including five gold medals for the U.S. during the International Six-Days Trials/Enduro (the Olympics of motorcycle racing).

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Senior Instructor,
Bill Uhl named to the International Motorcycle Hall of Fame Click here

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Weight Transfer

. . . is the key for turning at any speed.

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