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One session with Bill Uhl taught me more about trail preservation and maintenance than all of my previous training combined."
Jim Camp - CAMPCO Construction

Trail Design, Maintenance and Construction

ATV - Motorcycle - Snowmobile - Utility Vehicles

OHV TrainingTM has the answers to some of your most difficult trail maintenance and design problems.

About the Class
This class demonstrates creative methods of dealing with the problems caused by the increased use of trails by all types of users.  

Why is this class unique and exciting?

Your instructor has been designing, building, and maintaining trails for over thirty years.  Due to his passion to reconnect old forest trail systems, he has developed a strong reputation for relocating old trails after others had given up.  Both users and authorities are elated because this allows for making large loops through the forest, decreasing the impact on any one trail.

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Class Content
Discover the benefits of thinking outside of the box.

We look forward to serving you while preserving the land and our recreational opportunities.

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