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Who is a Double Expert?


This class is designed for employees whose job requirements thrust them into situations requiring the highest levels of skill.  Double experts need to be prepared to go anywhere.  They must be ready to ride in any conditions, weather or terrain.  (Examples of trainees involved at this level include military special operations units that work around the world, and search and rescue groups.) 

About the Class

At the end of this class, participants have an accurate accounting of their abilities and limitations.  They perceive at first glance whether they can safely accomplish a task that faces them.

To ensure they can immediately apply everything they are taught in actual riding situations, 99 percent of this class is taught on the terrain that meets the needs of your employees.  (Depending on your organization's requirements, training takes place in either desert or mountain terrain.  Your requirements will also determine whether the class uses existing trails, roads, or cross-country travel.)

This class is taught by Bill Uhl, who has over 48 years of experience riding tough terrain around the world under strict time constraints while winning six gold medals for the U.S. when competing at the International 6-Day Trials/Enduros.

Click here to learn more about your Senior Instructor, Bill Uhl.

Class Content
The major topics covered include:
  • Riders participate in a test of their skill levels.  (We need to know what they already know so you receive the maximum benefits from your agency's investment in the course.)    
  • Skill development
    • The specific content covered will depend on the results of the skill test and your special needs.  However, the focus of the class is always to provide instruction empowering employees to safely accomplish the most difficult job tasks, such as conquering conditions posed by inclement weather, geographic isolation, time constraints, or hazardous terrain.

      For class cost information, please refer to the standard price matrix.

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